Cape Town - Heavenly experience

Are you among those passengers who clap relieved after a safe landing at their holiday destination? A survey by the online flight search engine Swoodoo showed that almost 80% of the respondents perceive applause aboard as unnecessary and embarrassing. Only 18% follow their feelings and applaud out of pleasure or appreciation. Find out how you express your enthusiasm in a helicopter flight over the rugged mountains of the South African Cape Peninsula. 

Friedrich Schiller once said: 'play instinct combines bliss and perfection', I don‘t have any more expectations regarding my upcoming helicopter flight. Already during the formal process at the heliport of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, I caught a glimpse of the numerous colourful helicopters on the departure field and I was immediately in the mood to clap enthusiastically. The perceived flight time was actually surprisingly short, although a flight over the Cape Peninsula lasts 60 minutes.

My conclusion is: Thumbs Up! In any case, a helicopter flight belongs on your bucket list while your stay in Cape Town. Do not hesitate, Pure Guest House takes care of the entire organization.