Pure Guest House 5-star Rating

The ‚AA Quality Assured Accommodation committee South Africa’ certifies Pure Guest House unanimously an ‚AA Superior’ endorsement status in the category Guest House for 2017. This honourable certificate enhances Pure Guest House to a position of a 5 Stars accommodation.


Pure Guest House was established in 2014. Since then it has been nothing but passion and creativity by the Pure Guest House team to evolve Pure to its current quality. The experience can be described as somewhat of an adventures rollercoaster. Venturing on such an unknown journey can be thrilling, but when the challenges are faced with such enthusiasm by the team, it is bound to reap success.

Within the core values of Pure Guest House lies a joyful way of life. A way of life where happiness is encouraged and luxury isn’t compromised. Throughout the 3 years of our existence we have taken care that each one of our guests have been part of the essence of this pleasure we try to convey.  

The dedication of the Pure Guest House team is however just one of the contributors to this accolade we have received. We wish to especially thank all of our guests - for their relentless feedbacks, encouragements and for remaining faithful guests of Pure.