Pure Charity

Nothing on earth compensates more than the charming smile on the face of an innocent child. Especially in troubled times, as we are currently experiencing worldwide. Providing any kind of existential caring which a community might offer counts immensely to children in need. Pure Guest House, as a business, we felt it was our duty to give back to an organization close to our heart. 

Just 2 km away from the Guest House prevails poor living conditions, that as a guest, you can only “imagine” but do not understand the extent of the struggle that the children of the Imizamo Yethu township experience. 

An aftercare in Imizamo Yethu attracted our attention, run solely by one woman, Zoleka. Her aim was to provide a safe haven for children to be able to focus on their schoolwork and have a place to alleviate the burdens they may be experiencing at home. Zoleka pours her heart and soul into improving the lives and education of these underprivileged children. They have very close to nothing, living in shacks, yet they wake up each morning embracing life with a beaming smile. 

Witnessing the child-like innocence in a situation like this brought an outpouring of tears to all the team members of Pure Guest House whom visited Zoleka’s aftercare. The resources they lack may seem like basic, everyday items to us, but to Zoleka and these children it is of an utmost luxury. Stationery, books and dictionaries are only the bare minimum of what Zoleka requires. 

The generous contributions made by guests have already impacted the lives of these children tremendously and we would like to continue to lend a helping hand and help those who do not have the same opportunities in life that we take for granted.