The meaning of Pure

We want your stay at Pure Guest House to be more than luxurious and stylish. Pure is our idea of an authentic, natural and joyful way of life. It combines high-class design, organic food, excellent service and warm hospitality to be enjoyed by you.

Pure pleasures

Feel free to enjoy your visit to Pure Guest House in the way that suits you - by sunbathing, eating good food and relaxing in a luxurious atmosphere. Or become active, plan trips, hikes and excursions to various sites and scenery. We are always ready to help you plan your day or give you tips on where to dine.


We feel that luxury and environmental awareness need not contradict each other. We enjoy a refreshing jump into the swimming pool all the more knowing it is heated by solar energy. And the entire heating system of Pure Guest House is provided by solar panels.

Healthy food


Indulgence can also be healthy. That is why we offer you wholesome food - fruits and vegetables from regional farmers and meat from selected outlets in the area. Our meals are fresh, nutritious and delicious.